Democrats, Scapegoats, and Knee-Jerk Reactions

Radical democrats take a page from their old playbook and haven’t learned any lesson from the disastrous Bail Reform Bill that they passed. They now quickly repealed Civil Rights Law 50-a, stripping police of the right to keep personnel records private. This included unfounded and unsubstantiated allegations and personal information. As usual, New York State democratic politicians are rushed to pass a law without any public debate or conversation with law enforcement.

George Floyd's brutal murder was a tragedy. However, all police officers should not be judged by the actions of a few. It was only a few weeks ago that law enforcement officers were considered heroes for their response to Covid-19 Pandemic. It’s amazing how quickly the democrats have turned on the police officers, who have been doing an amazing job during these unprecedented times. Working 12-hour tours 7 days a week in a dangerous and stressful environment.

Perhaps it is to take attention off the failed Bail Reform Law that had released dangerous criminals onto the streets to commit rape, murder, and robberies shortly after being released and led to rioters being immediately released to rejoin the riots? Perhaps to take attention from Governor Cuomo’s mishandling of the pandemic, which may have contributed to over 5,000 deaths in nursing homes? Perhaps to take attention from Mayor DeBlasio’s inept handling of the riots and looting? Perhaps to take attention from Chirlane McCray’s questionable handling of the Thrive NYC Mental Health Program, where did the one billion dollars go? Why did the City Comptroller place it on a watch list for suspect spending? All of these issues are no longer in the press as the democrats continue to scapegoat and villainize the police.

Gene Murray


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