Dangerous Criminals


I hope everyone and their families are healthy and safe! It appears we are turning the corner of the pandemic. Unfortunately, due to the actions of our representatives in Albany, New York State is going to be a much more dangerous place for us as we come out of this pandemic. Under our Democratic Governor and the Democratically controlled Senate and Assembly, the agenda of New York City Liberals is being forced upon the rest of the State. New York State’s failed Bail Reform Law is releasing dangerous criminals onto our streets. The Parole Board releases COP KILLERS and other MURDERERS onto our street and the Governor rushes to give them their right to vote back. Politicians rush to release Murders and Rapist from prison to protect them from the coronavirus. WHAT ABOUT PROTECTING THE LAW ABIDING CITIZENS FROM THEM???

The below link to a recent New Post Article detailing the release of a Rapist and a Murderer . The Rapist attempted another Rape and the Murderer robbed a bank within days of their release. WE need representatives with a focus on our local values, who will tirelessly work to keep us safe. Not someone who will go along with the New York City Liberal Agenda.

Gene Murray


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