Absolute Power / No Responsibility

Why does New York State need a state Senate and Assembly? The democratically controlled Senate and Assembly abdicates their power whenever Governor Cuomo perceives an impending threat. The Governor uses these unpresented powers to make flawed decisions and push through his liberal ideology. Then takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for the MAYHEM, DEATH and FINANCIAL RUIN his decisions have caused.

NURSING HOMES: The Governor still takes no responsibility for his decision to send coronavirus patients to nursing homes. Placing our most vulnerable seniors in grave peril and may have contributed to more than 5,000 deaths. When the nursing home death toll rose and the deadly results of his decision were evident for all to see. First, he doubled down and said it was the right decision, then he blamed the nursing homes for not be being prepared, then he falsely claimed he was only following CDC protocols, then he claimed that the nursing homes and everyone else, misunderstood his edict and that the nursing homes didn’t have to take the coronavirus patients. All the while leaving the hospital ship and makeshift military hospitals nearly empty.

THE BUDGET: New York is one of the wealthiest and heaviest taxed states in the nation. With that being said, New York State had an approximate 6-billion-dollar gap in its budget prior to the pandemic. During one of the greatest economic expansions, the Governor and the democratically controlled Legislator failed to build up the state’s budget reserves and spent wildly on their liberal agenda. Now, the Governor wants you to believe all of New York’s woes are due to the pandemic and the rioting (which he failed to control). Once again, he takes no responsibility for his inaction and failed policies.

BAIL REFORM: Last year, the Governor and the democratically controlled State Senate and Assembly pushed through a disastrous bail reform bill that made things more dangerous for all New Yorkers. This year, again they pushed through small changes to bail reform, and once again, the Governor placed these changes in the budget, without debate. Judges have no discretion to take into account if the defendant is a danger to the public and the likelihood of him committing additional crimes. Now as some criminal’s hijack peaceful protest as an opportunity to riot and loot, the Governor calls for prosecutors to keep the looters in jail on bail, violating the governors own bail reform laws. Once again, it is not the Governor’s fault. It is the police and prosecutors’ fault. They are not charging the criminal with the proper charge. The Governor says the looters should not be charged with burglary 3 (which is burglarizing a business) and that the charges should be unwarrantedly upgraded to burglary 2. Once again, it is not the Governor’s fault, it is the fault of the police and prosecutors for obeying his disastrous laws. The Governor could easily fix this problem by using his unpresented emergency powers and give judges judicial discretion or repeal the disastrous bail reform law totally.

We need change in Albany. We have a governor who wants absolute power but will take no responsibility for the consequences of his actions and a Legislature the abdicates its power and stands idly by.

Gene Murray

Image: NY Post; Hans Pennink


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